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Genesis Three Conference 2014 (The Self Made Conference)

May 12, 2014

PreSession 01 by Tim Keller – How do Genesis 1 & Genesis 2 relate?

PreSession 02 by R.C. Sproul – The Fall

PreSession 03 by John Piper – God’s Sovereignty Over Satan’s Fall

Session 01 by Ligon Duncan – Genesis 3:1-7 – The Fall

Session 02 by Ligon Duncan – Genesis 3:1-19 – Jesus Christ in the Old Testament (The Seed)

Session 03 by Sinclair Ferguson – Genesis 3:1-24 – How Did I Get Into This Mess?

Session 04 by Sinclair Ferguson – Genesis 3:1-15 – The Coming of Jesus: Promised in the Earliest Prophecy

Session 05 by John Piper – Genesis 3:1-15 – The Fall of Satan and the Victory of Christ

Session 06 by Al Mohler – Genesis 3:8-15

Session 07 by D.A. Carson – Genesis 3 – The Temptation of Adam and Eve

Session 08 by David Platt – Genesis 3

Session 09 by John MaCArthur – Genesis 3:1-7 – The Origin of Evil

Session 10 by Joel Beeke – Genesis 3:6 – Our Dreadful Depravity

Session 11 by Kim Riddlebarger – Genesis 3:15

Session 12 by Kevin DeYoung – Genesis 3:15

Session 13 by Jim Hamilton – The Skull-Crushing Seed of the Woman: Genesis 3:15 and the Hope of the World 

Session 14 by John MacArthur – Genesis 3:14-15 – The Curse on the Serpent, Part 1

Session 15 by John MacArthur – Genesis 3:14-15 – The Curse on the Serpent, Part 2

Session 16 by Joel Beeke – Genesis 3:20 – The First Confession of Faith

Session 17 by Sinclair Ferguson – Genesis 3:1-24 – Seed of the Woman

PostSession by John Piper – Genesis 3:1-13 – Abortion and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

Q&A with Alistair Begg – Why Is Jesus Called the Seed of the Woman in Genesis 3:15?

Panel Discussion – Is a Historical Adam Necessary?

Post Seminar with Jim Hamilton:

Session 1: The Skull-Crushing Seed of the Woman: God’s Promise in the Fall

Session 2: The Conquering Christ: The Son who Defeats Sin, Satan, and Death

Session 3: The Dragon’s War on the Woman and the Rest of Her Seed: The Church’s Encouragement in the Gospel


Genesis Two Conference 2014 (The Self Made Conference)

May 10, 2014

PreSession 01 by Sinclair Ferguson – The Bible and Science

Presession 02 by Crawford Loritts – Genesis 1:1-2:3 – How it All Began

Session 01 by Sinclair Ferguson – Genesis 1:24-2:25 – I’m Only Human

Session 02 by John MacArthur – Genesis 2:1-3 – Understanding Sabbath

Session 03 by Mark Dever – Genesis 2:4-4:26 – The First Family

Session 04 by Kevin DeYoung – Genesis 2:5-25 – Old Testament Theology: Adam

Session 05 by Al Mohler – Genesis 2 – Homosexuality: Does Gender Matter?

Session 06 by David Platt – The Gospel and Homosexuality

Session 07 by Joel Beeke – Genesis 2:8 – Eden: God’s World of Provision for Man

Session 08 by Alistair Begg – Genesis 2:15-25 – Different by Design

Session 09 by Crawford Loritts – Genesis 2:18-25 – Marriage: God’s Answer

Session 10 by John MacArthur – Genesis 2:18-25 – The Creation of Woman

Session 11 by John Piper – Genesis 2:18-25 – Manhood and Womanhood Before Sin

Session 12 by Mark Dever – Genesis 2:20-24 – Gender Roles in the Family

PostSession by R.C. Sproul – The Image of God in Man

PostSession by Matt Chandler – Sanctification: The Perfect Storm

Q&A with John Piper – Do You Think Complementarianism Is So Important to Some People That They Deny Women More Opportunities Than the Bible Denies Them?

Q&A with Carson, Keller and Piper on Complementarianism

Q&A with John Piper – Complementarianism: Essential or Expendable?

Q&A with Bill Kynes – How Does Complementarianism Work Out In Your Church?

Genesis One Conference 2014 (The Self Made Conference)

May 8, 2014

PreConference Discussion between Jim Hamilton and Steve Ham – How Does Genesis Establish the World of Biblical Theology?

PreSession 01 by Don Carson – The God Who Is There – The God Who Made Everything

PreSession 02 by Joel Beeke – Genesis 1 – Introduction to the Book of Genesis

Session One by Sinclair Ferguson – Genesis 1:1-2, 2 – What a Creation

Session Two by Thabiti Anyabwile – Genesis 1:1

Session Three by Tim Keller – Genesis 1:1-8, 31 – The Song of Creation

Session Four by Mark Dever – Genesis 1:1-2:3 – The Beginning

Session Five by Paul Washer – Genesis 1:26-28, 2:18 – Taking Dominion

Session Six by Tim Keller – Genesis 1:26-2:2, 2:7-9, 15 – Made For Stewardship

Session Seven by John Piper – Genesis 1:26-28 – Male and Female He Created Them in the Image of God

Session Eight by David Platt – Genesis 1:26-31

Session Nine by Matt Chandler – The Genesis: Creation and Fall

Session Ten by Kevin DeYoung – Genesis 1:1-31 – Old Testament Theology: Creation

Session Eleven by Ligon Duncan – Genesis 1:1 – 175 and Counting: What’s at Stake in the Beginning

PostSession by John Piper – Psalm 104:31 – The Pleasure of God in His Creation

PostSession by John Piper – Isaiah 43:1-7 -Why Did God Create the World?

Q&A with John Piper: Can We Reconcile Creation and Evolution?

Q&A with RC Sproul: How Old is the Universe?

Q&A with Al Mohler and Bryan Chapell: Are Adam and Eve Historical Figures?


If It Be Your Will by RC Sproul

November 14, 2013

If It Be Your Will by RC Sproul

Excerpt: This is what it means to pray that the will of God would be done. It is the highest expression of faith to submit to the sovereignty of God. The real prayer of faith is the prayer that trusts God no matter whether the answer is yes or no. It takes no faith to “claim,” like a robber, something that is not ours to claim. We are to come to God and tell Him what we want, but we must trust Him to give the answer that is best for us. That is what Jesus did.

NY Times: 26 Women Give Their Testimonies on Their Abortions

November 14, 2013

NY Times: 26 Women Give Their Testimonies on Their Abortions

This is worth the read for anyone who desires to see the real raw truth…

One Story: Nicole, 19
Kentucky, 2013
It was this past spring. The due date’s coming up—I’m dreading it. I wanted to keep it. My boyfriend always had football practice, so he couldn’t go to the doctor appointments with me. If he’d gone, he would’ve felt differently. But he said, “No way.” I wanted to show him that I loved him enough to do it for him. When I was thirteen weeks, we made an appointment at the closest clinic in Kentucky, four hours away, but the night before, we decided not to go. At two in the morning, he called and said, “Get dressed.” I said, “I don’t want to go.” We both cried the whole way there. I don’t think abortion is killing, but I’d always been against it. When I told him the credit-card scanner at the clinic wasn’t working, he asked if I was making it up. We went to get $1,000 from a gas-station ATM. I was hysterical, and he said, “Okay, you don’t have to go back.” I was so happy. Then he said, “We drove all this way. Stop crying, act like a woman.” I was angry, but I was so sleepy and tired of fighting. When I had the ultrasound, I asked for the picture and a nurse said, “Seriously?” A month later, he said he regretted it too. When I cry about it, I cry alone. He thinks it would make me sad to talk about, but I don’t want our baby to think we forgot. I’ve never heard of anybody else having an abortion here.

H.B. Charles at SBTS

November 6, 2013

John MacArthur: When God Abandons a Nation

October 14, 2013

DA Horton – The Gospel in Urban Life

April 25, 2013

Bruce Ware: The Humanity of Christ

November 30, 2012

John Piper – After Darkness Light, Inside Calvin’s Geneva

November 1, 2012

Tom Schreiner: Acts 20.17-38 – Shepherding God’s Flock

October 26, 2012

Russell Moore: Pastors and Politics

October 26, 2012

Bishop E.W. Jackson to Christians within the Democratic Party

October 8, 2012


John MacArthur Rebukes the Democratic Platform!!!

October 7, 2012

Listen Here

Voddie Baucham: Abortion, Adoption, President Obama

October 7, 2012

My Commentary:

One of my former pastors at Sagemont Church in Houston… Love this man of God!!!!

Douglas Wilson: Was C.S. Lewis a Calvinist?

September 26, 2012

John Piper wieghed in on Twitter and said, “No, but now is…”

Carl Trueman: We Are Beggars – Luther as Theological Pastor

September 25, 2012

Lecture 1: Theological and Biographical Foundations

Lecture 2: The Word in Action

Lecture 3: The Tools of the Trade

Justin Taylor: When Even Joel Osteen Is Treated as a Bigot

September 24, 2012

For those who regard homosexual behavior to be sinful, it’d be hard to imagine someone less offensive, definitive, and informed than Joel Osteen. He doesn’t preach about the holiness of God and he doesn’t preach about sin, much less the sin of homosexuality. To my knowledge, he never talks about it unless asked on a talk show. But that’s not good enough, as can be seen in his most recent interview on CNN…

Read More Here

Douglas Wilson: Debate With R. Clarke Cooper On Homosexual Marriage

September 22, 2012

The Debate:

The Followup Questions with Pastor Wilson at his Church in Moscow, Idaho:

My Commentary:
I am grateful for Brother Wilson’s Arguments and Love for Homosexuals by warning them in a gentle way to their sin.

SBC and the Presidential Election

September 14, 2012