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Kevin DeYoung: Is My Shirt a Sin?

February 27, 2010

This was a very interesting article!

“We must differentiate between low wages (low to us anyways) and forced, child, or slave labor. It is not a sin to pay someone in the Philippines a wage that seems absurdly small to Americans. Hourly compensation costs for employees in the manufacturing sector in the United States was $30.56 in 2007. In Mexico hourly compensation averaged $3.91; in the Philippines $1.37. This is much lower than compensation in the U.S. But then the U.S. compensates at a lower level than does Europe. Manufacturing workers in Germany, for example, average $50.73 an hour. In Norway they make $55.03. Part of the difference in compensation stems from purchasing power disparities (a buck goes farther in some countries than others) and varying levels of governmental regulation.”

Read it Here

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