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PC(USA) Accuses EPC of ‘Inappropriate Interference’

April 25, 2010

With dozens of congregations leaving the PC(USA), the Committee on Ecumenical Relations detailed in a report evidence of the EPC inserting itself into the denomination’s internal struggles and fueling misunderstandings. “[T]here was evidence that the interference of one denomination in the other denomination’s affairs had a deleterious effect on the conversation between the PC(USA) presbyteries and the congregations involved,” the panel stated in their report to the 219 General Assembly, the highest legislative body in the PC(USA).

My Comments:
Not only are they rebelling by clapping their hands in praise and acceptance of homosexual behavior (Romans 1). They are slandering the love and concern of Christians calling them to repent. (Romans 1)

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  1. April 25, 2010 2:25 am

    The PCUSA is still the largest Presbyterian group, but let’s pray that it won’t be for long. Check out the 1924 Auburn Affirmation. When belief in the resurrection of Christ becomes optional for ordination, there is nothing left. Hopefully, the EPC, OPC, and PCA will clean up the mess,

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