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David Hamilton: On His “I am Pro-Choice” Post

May 16, 2010

I am not pro-choice, neither when it comes to rape nor when it comes to abortion. I hate rape, and I hate abortion.

What I wrote was insensitive and offensive, and I intended for it to cause people to be outraged. They were.

I wrote what I wrote to help people see how foolish pro-choice arguments are, and to help them see the inconsistencies in pro-choice arguments- inconsistencies that they don’t see because they have been indoctrinated by the abortion movement.

I first denied that being “pro-choice” when it comes to rape is equal to being “pro-rape.” This is obviously foolish. Just because I said I would never rape anybody does not make what I wrote any less pro-rape. Likewise, a person who is “pro-choice” when it comes to abortion is pro-abortion. You cannot simply be pro-choice. Murder is a choice. Rape is a choice. Theft is a choice. We are all in favor of some choices and opposed to others. If a person claims to be pro-choice, you must ask what choice they are referring to- and a person who claims to be pro-choice referring to abortion is pro-abortion, regardless of how they try to justify identifying as pro-choice.

Then I made the claim that rape is a private and personal decision, and that government should not be involved with our private and personal decisions. People try to make this argument with abortion, but if we stop and think about it we see how blatantly foolish it is. All crimes are personal decisions, and rape is a perfect example of a private decision that is wrong. So, just because a decision is “personal” and/or “private” does not make it right, and does not mean that the government should or should not be involved in such decisions. Government should be and is involved in personal and private decisions to rape. Such personal and private decisions are identified as crimes, and those who commit them are identified as criminals. Killing a 1-year-old child is identified as a crime, even if his parents made a personal and private decision to kill him, and his parents are called criminals. It should be the same when parents make a personal and private decision to kill their child in the womb.

Next, I made the ridiculous suggestion that there should be rape clinics. Although rape clinics might in some ways be “cleaner” and “safer,” there would still be a person getting raped. The supposed inevitability of rape and the danger of back-alley rape do not justify rape-on-demand clinics, and such clinics would certainly not be a good thing for the victims of the rapes. So it is with abortion. Abortion clinics in some ways make abortion “cleaner” and “safer,” but not for the babies. The baby still bleeds and the baby still dies, meaning abortion is never clean or safe for the baby. Those babies are alive, and unless someone kills them they will live- with the obvious exceptions of miscarriages and complications. The supposed inevitability of abortion and the danger of back-alley abortion do not justify abortion-on-demand clinics, and such clinics are certainly not a good thing for the victims of the abortions- which includes both mothers and babies. Women who have abortions have to wake up every day for the rest of their lives as the mothers of dead babies, in addition to being mothers who paid doctors to kill their babies. People often tell pregnant women to “deal with it,” by which they mean “go have an abortion,” but I don’t know how they “deal with it” for the rest of their lives. Abortion-on-demand clinics are just as evil as rape-on-demand clinics would be, and we should be repulsed by the idea of each.

I concluded by using two popular pro-abortion slogans in my pro-choice regarding rape discourse: “Against rape? Don’t do it” and “his body, his choice.” We see the absurdity when the arguments are used to defend rape, but not when they are used to defend abortion. Why? Because we clearly see that the liberty of the rapist ends where justice for the victim begins, whereas we do not see that the liberty of the mother ends where justice for the baby begins.

If you felt that what I wrote about rape was insensitive and offensive, and if you were outraged by it, then you responded exactly the way you should have. However, you should respond in the exact same way when people say the same things about abortion. Just as my words were insensitive and offensive to victims of rape and their loved ones, these pro-choice arguments are insensitive and offensive to the victims of abortion, as well as to justice.

This nation was once divided on the issue of slavery, to our shame. We are now divided on the issue of abortion, to our shame. May we all be as unified against the evil of abortion as we are against the evils of slavery and rape.

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