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The Supreme Court and Freedom of Expression of Relgion

June 28, 2010

Patheos Article: Constitutional provisions separating church and state were intended by the Founding Fathers not merely to prevent the establishment of a state church but also (and especially) to protect the churches from government interference. Those longstanding protections hang in the balance as the Supreme Court prepares its decision on Christian Legal Society v. Martinez, according to Michael McConnell. Oral arguments were presented on April 19, 2010, and a decision is expected in June.

Christianity Today Article 1: The U.S. Supreme Court hasn’t taken on many significant religion cases lately. Perhaps the justices were resting up for what could be one of the biggest rulings yet: Christian Legal Society v. Martinez, which went before the court April 19, is in some eyes the title fight between anti-discrimination laws and religious identity. It’s a case that both sides have long been waiting for.

Christianity Today Article 2: Headlines today are calling the Supreme Court sharply divided over whether a University of California law school can require its Christian Legal Society chapter to open its leadership to all students, including critics and non-Christians.

Commentary by Justin Taylor: Christian Legal Society Loses, 5-4, in Major Supreme Court Case

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