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My Second Attempt at a Poem – Going Home from the Valley of Dry Bones

September 24, 2010

Dearest Believer, Jesus is taking us home
from the Valley of Dry Bones.
We were once dead in our sin and trespasses,
but we now walk on the water of forgiveness.
He was put to shame and suffered loss
So that we would be made alive and so glory in the cross.
Today we are being purified, sanctified and saved from God’s wrath
Tomorrow in Glory we shall judge angels and finish the path
Which the Father set before us… claiming well done, well done!
You have entered the Kingdom my son.
Have your rest, He will say! Here is your peace, He will say!
His name is Jesus, the God of Ancient Days.
So when you are down, when you are dry in the valley of bones.
Remember, you have the Spirit of God with a Gospel bringing you home
To Himself, to rule as co-heir
Blessed forever, righteous, pure, chosen and given to Jesus the fair.


My first attempt at a poem…

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