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Kevin DeYoung: The Tucson Tragedy and God’s Gift of Moral Language

January 12, 2011

Unfortunately, pundits shy away from explicitly personal and moral categories in precisely the moments we need them most (9-11 may be the one exception). Whenever a public tragedy like this occurs everyone on the right and the left struggles to find some cause, and that cause is almost always outside the self—video games, strange novels, mistreatment by friends, a culture of hate, the second amendment, heated political rhetoric. And when an internal cause is suggested it almost always points away from personal responsibility to some element of us that doesn’t really belonging to us—like a mental disorder or our own personal demons.

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My Commentary:
Who is Responsible?
It is NOT Obama.
It is NOT Pelosi.
It is NOT Chris Matthews.
It is NOT the NRA.
It is NOT Bill O’Reilly.
It is NOT Rush Limbaugh.
It is NOT Bush.
It is NOT Cheney.
It is NOT Liberals.
It is NOT Independents.
It is NOT Conservatives.

It is Jared Lee Loughner

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