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Disturbing Child Brainwashing

March 8, 2011

My Comments:
At the end of this the male teacher talks about children hurling insults like “queer” and how unconscionable this is. He says that we need to teach good social values. I agree. This is bad. Insulting people is evil. However, to tell a child there is nothing wrong with being gay or practicing homosexuality or bisexuality is “ok” actually leads them away from the God of the Bible and towards a God of their imagination: a god who has no standards or laws that He requires of us. It is not insulting to say that Homosexuality is sinful and the person who does such things is in danger of Hell. It is a loving act to persuade people to run away from their desires to sin and run toward the God of the Bible who is full of forgiveness and mercy and grace. To presume that I can act or do whatever I feel or desire without God’s standards is arrogant and at its worst idolatrous… making your fulfillment of your desires “ultimate” rather than the Lord who says our desires need redemption. What these teachers naively presume and assume about love is actually hateful. They are teaching these children to accept sinfulness as goodness and in doing so they are damning them. This video is very sad to me… we truly are in the last days where good is called evil and evil is called good. On another note, neither our schools nor our military should be used for social experimentation…

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