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Heaven is a ‘fairy story’, says Stephen Hawking

May 16, 2011

British scientist Stephen Hawking has branded heaven a “fairy story” for people afraid of the dark, in his latest dismissal of the concepts underpinning the world’s religions.

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My Commentary:
How is it that one can make a statement of such absolute knowledge without ever experiencing or seeing something that is there? If Heaven is not for real, Dr. Hawking has nothing to worry about and should stop persecuting Christians. paul says that if Jesus has not been resurrected from the dead, we are men to be pitied. However, if it is real, then Dr. Hawking will meet the Lord soon and without Christ, it will be bad for him. I pray good for him… that he will repent and truly see the wonders of the universe created by a loving and perfect God who gave His Son for folks like him…

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  1. Kristin Brænne permalink
    May 16, 2011 8:21 pm

    Be a ★ !

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