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Russell Moore: Christ, the Church, and Pat Robertson

September 18, 2011

Pat Robertson’s cruel marriage statement is no anomaly. He and his cohorts have given us for years a prosperity gospel with more in common with an Asherah pole than a cross. They have given us a politicized Christianity that uses churches to “mobilize” voters rather than to stand prophetically outside the power structures as a witness for the gospel. But Jesus didn’t die for a Christian Coalition; he died for a church.

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Russell Moore’s Response to Pat Robertson on CNN

My Commentary:

Thank you Dr. Moore for these words. I have been angry at this self-absorbed religiosity for years. I have seen people spurn Christ because of charlatans such as Mr. Robertson. I absolutely feel hatred for the prosperity health and wealth bad news!

I pray that Mr. Robertson will repent and retract these damaging words.

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