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Joel Osteen: Mitt Romney is a Christian Just Like Me

January 23, 2012

Read and Watch Here

My Commentary:
This may be true. Joel, are you a believer in the Jesus of “the Bible” or the Jesus of “Mormonism”… or the Jesus of “whatever anybody believes him to be”?

Jesus of Nazareth says about Himself, “I am the Way the Truth and the Life… No One Comes to the Father but through me.” And Paul the Apostle told us that if we or anyone or even an angel preaches to you a different Gospel than the One that the apostles preached… he is accursed.

Did Joseph Smith receive another Gospel other than the one that Paul and the Disciples received?
You be the Judge!

Video below made by former Mormons

And the Gospel of Joel Osteen… is it different from the Gospel that was preached by Jesus of Nazareth and His apostles?
You be the Judge!

Joel says, “I don’t know…” Jesus says “I am…” and then tells us to proclaim it! (Matthew 28.18-20)

The True Gospel vs False Gospel on Our Sinfulness:

Men like to be eseemed and exalted… not told the truth about ourselves…

But God, while we were still sinners (wicked, evil and His enemy), died for us… this is AMAZING GRACE!

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  1. January 25, 2012 1:35 am

    Why am I not surprised? We don’t do anyone any favors by trying to widen the narrow gates. Neither Osteen nor Romney are Christians in any meaningful sense of the word.

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