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Blue Like Jazz Movie to be Critiqued

March 28, 2012

Over at The Gospel Coalition, Mike Cosper has written an interesting primer on the film. He explains the background and tries to identify some of what attracts burnt-out evangelicals and why. While not wanting to let Miller off the hook for his bad ideas (of which there are many), he is sympathetic to what he finds and urges Christians to approach the film as descriptive rather than prescriptive, believing we should address any issues we may have at “an almost personal level—understanding that Miller is just a guy with a writing gift, telling his story, and the stories around him.” We should be receptive to the fact that Miller is giving voice to real problems and experiences in the evangelical world.

My Commentary: At First Baptist Pearland, TX, I was a young student who served with Donald Miller.  I did not hear or see that Don held the views he did.  He was nice and loved to serve Christ.  His mother was a leader in the children’s ministry of that church.  I find it unfortunate that he is holding some of the views he does regarding doctrine and anti-intellectual faithfulness to the Word.  I think that he needs to read Paul who was a brilliant intellect who called for the renewing of minds.  Should we debate Christian Doctrine or split churches because of it?  You bet we should!  Ideas are either great and holy or demonic and destructive.  We should debate, for this is what Paul and the rest of the apostles did.  Ever hear of Mars Hill?  Ever hear of Paul before Agrippa?  Ever hear of Martin Luther before the Emperor of Germany?  Ever hear of Augustine against Palagius? etc. etc. etc.  History is ripe with Christian, Academic debate about the soundness of doctrine and teaching of the Word.  We should debate… it is fruitful.  We should also split a church where ungodly preaching and teaching has creptin.  Either drive out the wolves or splt.  I would add this caveate from John Bunyan in Pilgrim’s Progress, Faithful to Talkative: Your works should match your words.

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